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Paul Schonenberg

Chairman and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg Partner and Co-Owner, Leadership Solutions Europe

              will speak on               

“TITIP, an opportunity to take the lead in setting global standards" 

Event date 15th October 2014
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Federico Galizia

Deputy Director, Head of Risk and Portfolio Management

European Investment Fund

              will speak on               

“Managing Systemic Exposure" 

Event date 17th September 2014
Individual Price EUR 50.00

David Scheckel

Founder and CEO of Treveri Market

              will speak on               

“Flash Boys and Market Integrity: Perspectives on High Frequency Trading ” 

Event date 18th June 2014
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Ludo Van der Heyden

The Mubadala Chaired Professor in Corporate Governance and Strategy Academic Director, INSEAD Corporate Governance Initiative

 will speak on

“Governance, Integrity and Fair Process” 

Event date 29th April 2014
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Richard Pelly

Outgoing Chief Executive Officer, European Investment Fund

 will speak on

“Myths and Reality in the Private Equity Market” 

Event date 2nd April 2014
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Martin Kreutner

Dean and Executive Secretary of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA)

 will speak on

“The Global Anti-Corruption Agenda – Wishful thinking?” 

Event date 12th March 2014
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Kevin Cardiff

Member of the European Court of Auditors

 will speak on

“Ethics, values and personal behaviour in a crisis” 

Event date 20th November 2013
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Guy Rapaille


Président, Comité Permanent de Contrôle des services de renseignement et de sécurité


 will speak on


“Considerations on the threats against the markets and businessmen” 

Event date 16th October 2013
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Paul Mercier


Advisor to the Board, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg


will speak on

"Central Bank Independence:
Some thoughts" 

Event date 12th September 2013
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Jean-Claude Delepière


Belgian Financial Intelligence processing Unit (CTIF-CFI)


 will speak on


“Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: the scope for coordination between the public and private sectors” 

Event date 12th June 2013
Individual Price €50.00