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Francesco Papadia

Chair of Prime Collateralised Securities

              will speak on               

“The role of Asset Backed Securities in the Capital Markets Union" 

Event date 7th June 2016
Individual Price EUR 60.00


Wealth Manager and Entrepreneur

              will speak on               

“Robo advice: how far can wealth management be automated?" 

Event date 12th April 2016
Individual Price EUR 60.00


Ambassador of the King of the Belgians in Luxembourg

              will speak on               

“The five pillars of integrity" 

Event date 20th January 2016
Individual Price EUR 60.00

Anne Brasseur

President of the Parliamentry Assembly of the Council of Europe

              will speak on               

“Transparency and Integrity in Politics" 

Event date 1st December 2015
Individual Price EUR 60.00

Pierre Gramegna

Minister of Finance

Philippa Foster Back, CBE

Director, The Institute for Business Ethics, London

will speak on

Transparency and Integrity in Financial Markets 


The Event will start at 18:30 h.

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Dinner at 55 € for TIGFI members and 65 € for non-members, to be paid prior to event on TIGFI account: BCEELULL LU06 0019 3055 2757 2000

While places are limited, they are generally allocated on a first reserved basis; however, supporting members of the Institute are prioritized accordingly

Journalists are welcome to attend the talk only without payment or to take dinner as regular paying guests.

Event date 21st September 2015
Individual Price EUR 65.00

Stephen Platt

Barrister, Author and Adjunct Professor of Law

              will speak on               

“The criminal abuse of financial centres and why existing models of prevention are flawed" 

Event date 16th September 2015
Individual Price EUR 60.00

C.H. Doude van Troostwijk

Philosopher and theologian

              will speak on               

“Finance and the idea of justice: a philosophical and a Christian perspective " 

Event date 17th June 2015
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Urs Hammer

Ambassador of Switzerland to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

              will speak on               

“Challenges for the Swiss financial sector - the gap between perception and reality" 

Event date 28th April 2015
Individual Price EUR 50.00

David Shirreff

Journalist and writer of various works in the area of business, finance and economics

              will speak on               

“Restructuring the banking system and ending the bonus culture - a proposal " 

Event date 26th February 2015
Individual Price EUR 50.00

Dr. Hans J. Blommesteing

Bond Market and Public Debt Management Unit, OECD, Paris, France

              will speak on               

“Sovereign debt restructuring: Implications for Global financial integrity and the application of ethical principles; examples from Argentina, Ecuador and Greece. " 

Event date 27th November 2014
Individual Price EUR 50.00