Partners may or may not be members of the Institute for Global Financial Integrity (TIGFI). It is recognised that not all stakeholders in the global financial sector, wanting join in the actions and activities TIGFI, may have the ability to become members of TIGFI. The reasons for their inability to join TIGFI as members may vary from the nature of their activities in not fitting a member group profile to limited financial resources.

Partners are, essentially, contributors to TIGFI and will often add diverse and different perspectives to those of the global financial sector per se in the open stakeholders. Partners will typically participate actively in events and research, provide support to TIGFI's actions and activities, and promote the mission of TIGFI of being a Centre of Excellence and a Forum to all stakeholders of the global financial sector in regard to corporate financial governance and financial market integrity based on professional excellence, ethics and the principles of integrity, namely fairness, transparency, responsibility and accountability.