As any organisation committed to ethical standards and the principles of integrity, The Institute for Global Financial Integrity (TIGFI) has taken the commitment to establish, update and fully abide by a Corporate Governance Charter.

The charter is based on the international principles of The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission, as well as on those of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. 

TIGFI’s corporate governance is initially based on its Statutes, which are subject to Luxembourg Law, and then on general principles of ethics, integrity and sound management and oversight in the best interests of TIGFI and the general interests of its members, partners and other stakeholders. Corporate governance per se constitutes a body of rules and recommendations that need to facilitate the balanced exercise of entrepreneurship, power, compliance, and control while encouraging dialogue and transparency. TIGFI’s Corporate Governance Charter seeks to establish ethical conduct that is strong, practical and effective in the management of the Institute.


Governance Charter: Full Text